The Promotion Factory

Experience has taught us how to handle challenges from project inception to delivery. We can help you choose a tangible, quantifiable product that will exceed your expectations and fit within your budget. At The Promotion Factory we work W.I.T.H. you.

We are professional in knowing the W.I.T.H. Our products are worn, played, seen, heard, eaten & admired. They can make you smile, feel good, want to give and feel proud. Branded merch teases, rewards, entices, and calls attention to you.

 most importantly, the right merch impacts messaging retention.

Which Item To Have? With imprint? With embroidery? With embossing? With foil stamping? With packaging? With, With, With . . . so many withs to consider!

  We call it the  "W. I. T. H."    Factor

With today's technology available everything you see in the world can be printed. The key is in finding that product which will deliver your message effectively to your target audience.

Specialists in Creative Solutions



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