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About Us

Mission Statement

As a committed team of professionals, we are dedicated to supplying our clients with high quality promotional advertising products and services to increase their business and business profile through the implementation of such sales promotional tools.



The creative solutions team of The Promotion Factory have been conjuring up and executing advertising promotions for over 30 years. No project is too small, or too mundane to tackle. If it is important to you, our client, then it is most important to us.

We offer a wide range of products & services at all price levels that have been chosen for being useful, well priced, of good quality that highlight your message or event. With the onsite production facilities of The Promotion Factory, a thought bubble can be morphed into a creative icon from the graphics department, be printed as a masterpiece by the screen printing gurus, become an announcement for your window, hop onto a banner to shout it's message or drive around on your vehicle to show it means business.

Utilizing manufacturers from coast to coast, as well as abroad, The Promotion Factory is able to supply you with a total array of premium products. We offer warehousing facilities and fulfillment services, corporate stores, safety and recognition programs. In addition to physical "merchandise" production, The Promotion Factory will work with you in logistical planning to conceive and execute promotions and special events. We incorporate both internal and external resources to provide themed décor, centerpieces, hospitality baskets, and invitations for a one-stop event planning facility.

Give us a call today and see how quickly we can turn thought bubbles into a powerful marketing tool.